vhuyv-nruurn whispered:
And you too are a cute. [I am in a gushy mood at the mo'.]

Oh, you know I like it when you compliment me Ms. Art~ u///////u

Anonymous whispered:
Miss any of your old friends? Dont' worry, most everyone is gone anyway so you don't gotta worry about socializing

Of course I do. There is a whole list…

BUT it’s always good to focus on what you have now rather then pining for the past 8)

Anonymous whispered:
Do you know any ladies that would wanna have the baby for you?

I’m afraid I don’t actually know very many girls….

…. except…. Steeeeef

Anonymous whispered:
just wanted to say thnks for being SFW!

Not a problem! Somethings are just meant to be private 8)

Anonymous whispered:
i don't think You mentioned it too soon! inks always said hes uncomfortabel around kiddies right? bsides wouldn't it be unhealthy to have a bby around him?

I know. That’s the main issue.

Anonymous whispered:
Your not gonna go mpreg on us are you?


First off, that’s not even possible. Where would the baby even come out of?!?

But no, I was thinking more along the lines of adoption… or even maybe a surrogate mother.

Anonymous whispered:
suddenyl hit with them fatherhood urges? Or have you been thinkin about having a baby for a while?

I’ve always wanted a kid~ but the last thing I’d wanted was to mention it too soon.



….Tell me what is tRoUbLiNg you, my lovely.


I want a baby