….Tell me what is tRoUbLiNg you, my lovely.


I want a baby

Anonymous whispered:
youve mentioned before you wanna be a daddy one day? Would you prefer to father a babby girl or babby boy?

A boy, for sure.

I don’t know how a girl works







Is something on yOuR mind, little one?

What- no!


Well… I don’t know.

-cries alone in the corner-

pickupler whispered:
I miss you, you giant Nerd.

I miss you too, dork 8)

Anonymous whispered:
What's a shnozerry?

…. just a quote from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


Anonymous whispered:
Can I borrow you glasses? They look so fancy and nerdy :O Or are you blind without them?

Definitely blind without them.

So no

inkbloodler whispered:
-curls up around him tiredly-

-snuggles with- Hello, Squishy~

Anonymous whispered:
ლ(ಠ㉨ಠლ) Hrrmrnnngggg....I wanna put my arms around you and pressing you against me and cuddling you to te end and never let you go. Thats what I wanna do.'re the most lovely thing around here. Same for Ink!

Awwwwww, thank you <3

Anonymous whispered:
What are you a nerd about? Comics, Videogames, Superheroes? Or all of it? Do you collect some stuff?

I don’t know~ I’m a nerd about lots of things! 8)

L O T S  O F  T H I N G S