Anonymous whispered:
psst you're a dork

why thank you for noticing~

nerdler whispered:
Me and you with 10 8) bestiiies



So recently I’ve been blowing through my paycheck in a week for just bills and gas alone. I figured a little extra cash wouldn’t hurt :) 

Plus, drawing other things besides my characters could be helpful.

So Rules: 


  • $1 for upper body
  • $2 for full body


  • $2 for upper body
  • $3 for full body


  • $3 for upper body
  • $5 for full body


"South Park" style is quoted because it’s my style for my South Park blog. You can ask for any character in this style and it will always be colored and $3.

Nubcats are always colored~ $1 per nubcat 8)

Fully colored pictures with backgrounds are $20 

  • every additional character is $3 

To make a commission, message me, through ask or private message. Payment is through Paypal so when you message me I’ll give you my email.

Once it goes through I’ll start on your commission.

For the commission please send a full description of the character(s) and a reference. Any extra desires for the picture would be appreciated as well~

No NSFW or Gore


Anonymous whispered:
do you have other fancier tongue ring studs or do you prefer the simple stud?

I have a batman one and a vibrating one (thanks Flirt BT )

Anonymous whispered:
Did you talk to your mom on mother's day?

Of course, I’m not an animal

Anonymous whispered:
how do you and INk kiss anyway? not only is he super tall he alos has a mouth full of sharp teeth and black gunk

Cheeks are at best to kiss 8)

Besides his teeth aren’t giant! They’re just sharp. Careful kisses are the way to go

Anonymous whispered:
Would Ink do the same if you were being hurt by someone?

Ha. I don’t think you’d want to find out.


spirit-ler whispered:
*ghostlicks your face, but carefully skiping the glasses*

UHHHH…. ew

inkbloodler whispered:
How old am I

You have no age, you are immortal. You are outside the realm of age.

Anonymous whispered:
Have any of your family members ever been convicted of a felony?

Um… not that I’m aware of